Ghosts & Energy

 Ghosts are said to be made up of energy and there are plenty of energy sources spirits can use to manifest them selves into orbs and sometimes full body Apparitions. Batteries, electric currents, human energy, even a running water source like a river spirits can use to their advantage. Many paranormal investigators like us have had our equipments batteries drained, 3 of our Paranormal devices shut off at the same exact time, batteries were new and now dead within a few minutes into our investigation, we even experienced our own energy drained that spirits were using to there advantage to communicate with us, it’s part of being a paranormal investigator-it’s what we do, communicate with spirits and help the living understand that even without a human body spirits leave a residue (aka) soul behind when we pass on to the afterlife, the proof of what we can’t see is what we capture on recorders and paranormal research devices for evidents of paranormal activity to confirm any hauntings we investigate. 

                ?Intelligent Haunting

Intelligent hauntings are known when things happen such as a door slamming shut without reason, foot steps can be heard when there aren’t anyone in life walking around, As paranormal investigators using the spirit box or gathering EVP’s (Electronic Voice phenomenon),  When asking spirits to manifest, spirits gather the energy needed from an energy source in order to communicate with the living, for example asking a spirit for there name and they answer on que. Asking a spirit to move an object and that object moves, also when an orb or Apparition is caught on camera using the full spectrum letting us know that spirits exist, that their real and their here, These are known as intelligent hauntings.

?Residual Haunting

Residual hauntings are from the past like a recording playing over & over and are usually embedded in anything from that past such as an antique piece of furniture or an old house or some tragic event happened. These hauntings however do not have any such intelligent part of this kind of Haunting therefore can not cause any current paranormal activity such as communication, footsteps or moving objects, but are distinctly cool because like intelligent hauntings, Voices of residual hauntings can still be caught as an EVP from the past when using an EVP recorder and If a person were to come in contact this type of haunting, you nor the spirit can communicate because it’s not an intelligent haunting.

                     ?Haunted objects

“The Dybbuk Box”,  In Jewish mythology, a dybbuk box is a malicious possessing spirit believed to be the dislocated soul of a dead person.

If you ever seen the show “Haunted Collector” you’ll know why we as investigators take collecting haunted objects very serious, Collecting anything haunted takes precautions like researching where it came from and the history behind the object or you might find your self being tormented by an attachment of a spirit or even worse, something evil could be lurking in the dark – in your home. Haunted objects are mostly things that “belonged to someone” in life before they passed on to the afterlife such as property (house) or could be a necklace with pendant, even a doll. Other haunted objects are from “entities” that never lived, but are from another dimension of sorts. Dolls are most common to have some spiritual activity or possession connected to it, it is said that dolls are the closest thing to human interaction that the likely hood of dolls that are haunted is huge, but all haunted objects can have some kind of attachment because of ownership of the property or object before passing on to the afterlife may still be attached to that property or object.

?Haunted places

Ghostly Apparitions Paranormal has investigated a few cemeteries, houses and abandoned houses, every investigation we go into, we prepare our selves to expect the unexpected, because every investigation is different, you can’t go into an investigation without thinking to yourself that you might come home with an attachment. As explained in the “Haunted Objects”, there are some similarities to “Haunted Places” except that people can become haunted themselves instead of objects when investigating haunted locations or when living in one, thats what happen to us because we did not cleanse our selves with a cleansing prayer & sage, soon after we experienced tapping sounds, toaster oven grate started to vibrate along with a few other unexplained activity aswell as a few scratches on our bodies started to show up-all are unexplained to this day. Since then we are more prepared then we were when we started (GAP) investigating the paranormal, but take it from us, you can never prepare for what you can’t see… After all the paranormal or unexplained can be very unpredictable.

  ?Shadows & Haunted Dolls

Shadows are a type of entity that are made up of negative energy and evil in nature which never had a physical existence. When there is enough negative energy shadows will produce an outline of a figure and are shaded in a dark form and can manifest without any source of light. Shadow are dangerous in nature with bad outcomes for anyone being stalked by a shadow and being tormented with voices, footsteps, scratches to being seriously physically harmed and even death. Shadow figures (aka) shadows and demons are two different entities and are both equally dangerous, evil, relentless and hard to banish, Like demonic hauntings, it usually takes an exorcism as well to banish a shadow figure. Shadows typically manifest because it wants to be known of its presents to torment and possibly harm that person. Shadows are considered to be non human entities that reak havoc on the living. Shadows can be created from any kind of negative energy, a satanic ritual, poltergeist activity and practicing witchcraft can stir up some unwanted negative energy in the form of a shadow. Shadows are also known to linger in cemataries at night where souls lay buried.

The most infamous demonic possessed doll in the world known as Annabelle “The Haunted Doll” now owner Tony Spera, the son in law to the world renowned Demonologists “Ed & Lorraine Warren”

DOLLS – Evil spirits have been possessing dolls as a conduit for hauntings to manipulate dolls in hopes of gaining control of innocent children by befriending them or anyone who comes in contact with a haunted doll to do evil. Good spirits like most child spirits manipulate the dolls as an easy way to communicate with the living just to be heard. but can be frightening for any one living with haunted dolls because not only can you hear the haunting around you, but are more likely to see the haunting as well. Demonic entities use dolls because of there innocent child like appearance, Entities use the dolls as a conduit to communicate and befriend children as children are more open and vulnerable to spiritual activity and are easily manipulated by evil entities to possess and take over a child’s soul. Haunted dolls can giggle, laugh, cry, make eye & eye lid movements and move around from place to place.

?Ouija/Spirit Boards

Our Ouija Board we use during malevolent Haunting investigations

There is no myth when it comes to Ouija Boards, this game is not a game nor a toy… These are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, usually played with 2 or more people, You ultimately open your self up to possible demonic infestation and possible possession. You may think that you are communicating with a family member or friend who’s passed on into the afterlife, But think again… These boards are like portals or gateways to the other side. When someone uses a Ouija Board, You risk opening portals you might not be able to close, You can even invitie a demonic entity into your life and not even know until it’s to late.

Our experiences using a Ouija Board were scary, Things were happing as we were communicating with the other side that it was getting out of control, The “Board” as I call it, felt like something evil was communicating with us:  The Planchette with our hands on it suddenly started moving with force counter clock wise in a fast circular motion, A picture on my dresser fell over and we were at least 4 feet away and on the same dresser was a lit candle used as energy for spirits to better communicate with us suddenly blew out, There was no wind/breeze, It was very calm except with with the feeling of a presents around us, so we shut all communication off from the “Board” the next few days were calm, I torched the Ouija Board soon after, But did not realize the the Ouija board was supposed to be buried… It was like a curse was the outcome & was always having some sort of bad luck so I started going to Catholic church and was baptized almost a year later, Never used a bother board again to this day.

Ouija Boards may look like nothing more that a harmless game, But it’s not… Their EVIL… Their DANGEROUS… LEAVE IT ALONE!


“Mirrors” can be a portal for spirits to enter our world.
“Doppleganger” is a double of a single same person.

Most of us use mirrors in our daily lives and we think of them as another piece of furniture or decor that is used for beautifing our selves in the morning, But in the world of the Paranormal lies a secret that is somewhat mythical… The reality is that mirrors are or can be a portal to the spirit world, A kind of purgatory if you will, spirits awaiting to escape into our world.

Spirits good and evil can come and go when a portal is left open, Like using a Ouija Board and not saying goodbye when you are finished… the portal remains open.
Mirrors are often used in ritualistic practices to entice spirits to enter our world though the opening of a spirit portal which is an easy entrance point for spirits to enter our world when a portal to the spirit world is open.
Once in our world spirits will most likely haunt the home the mirror resides in and even attach to its residents. If this happens, you may need to contact a Paranormal Investigator, a medium or have a house blessing performed by a Priest with a possible exorcisism performed on the home and its residents.

Mirrors are not exactly dangerous if you know where it came from and for what purpose it was used for, Mirrors that are of antique in nature could be significantly haunted if the mirror seems or feels like there is something wrong with it, such as if you look in the mirror then look away but your image is still looking at you, this is called a “Doppleganger” you need to get a priest to perform an exorcism, because Doppleganger’s are typically bad news-evil in nature and is only there to cause harm and torment its host and could cause you to suffer in death, a ”Doppleganger” can take any person shape and could use your image in a mirror or follow its host anywhere and be represented as  a double. So if you dare to call upon Bloody Mary or any spirit during a seance to show up in your mirror, she or any spirit might just take your shape – DOPPLEGANGER!!

?Spirit Portals

 Spirit portals are basically a super hi-way for spirits to go between our world and theirs. Portals are used as a means of spirit travel into homes and can have a pro founding affect on the residents, we call this “home bound sprits” spirits that don’t want to return to their dimension.
Portals are well known within the paranormal community and as investigators know that no portal is a good portal, Any spirits including Malevolent & demonic entities come from their dimension into our world if one is opened and it’s easier than you think it is to open a portal.
Many ways portals are created can be as simple as a seance or using a Ouija Board or consistently being negative, excessive alcohol or drug abuse can influence a portal opening or any persons  mind, body & spirit broken down creating negative influences can cause a portal to open

Thank you for reading this informanative segment of FYI- Paranormal Files

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