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EVP Evidence – May 2020

Class A EVP of a female spirit during an EVP sessIon said “Jake” is not relevant to michael’s question… We later decided that Michael’s house was a super hi-way for paranormal activity with a possible portal
EVP of a growl like scream… Could not be debunked and only caught on the recorder, NO sound contamination could be heard by the human ear
Listen closely to this semi-class EVP after my wife asked, Is Michael safe here? We believe this male spirit said “Why should Michael be Safe?
After my wife asked did Amanda put a curse on Michael?, EVP of a male spirit says “Yeah sugar pie” then says “Sure”
An EVP of what we believe to be “footsteps” during our EVP session
Class A EVP of a male spirit that says “Michael”
EVP sounds like a child or female spirit says “We orbs” after I asked where these orbs are coming from?
Listen closely at this class A EVP as a spirit voice talks over my wife and says “Help me
Class A EVP of a female says Michael’s name “Michael
We believe after listening several times over, This semi-class A EVP says “ Why do you think she summoned the devil” – What do YOU believe it says?

Video Evidence – September 2020

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Orb manifests from my wife’s head

Orb causes candle flame to flicker

Spirits are active & ready for Ouija session 

Down into the Ouija Board

As the spirits control the planchette

Orb shoots out of the Ouija Board

Spirit activity slows down

Orb splits in two (Video)

Picture Evidence – September 2020

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Orb manifesting towards the Ouija Board

Same orb streaking towards the Ouija Board

Orb manifesting from my wife’s head 1

Orb manifested from my wife’s head 2

Orb manifesting from my wife’s head 3

Orb splits in two (Picture)