Q: what is paranormal activity and demonology?

A: Paranormal activity is any unwanted disturbances which can be associated with Supernatural phenomena – including the study of Demons, Cryptid creatures, Bigfoot and even UFO’s.

Q: Is there any cost associated with doing an investigation?

A: No, our services are non-profit for a full investigation

Q: When I receive an email back from GAP to come investigate our residents or business, What’s next?

A: We will set up an interview and sign waiver, Then do a walk through with clients involved discussing where the most activity happens.

Q: Does GAP do investigations internationally?

A: Unfortunately not, because we offer our services at no cost, we only investigate within Calgary and surrounding areas within 200km radius.

Q: Can clients observe the investigation?

A: Absolutely, Clients may observe and even help during an investigation because of the client signed liability waiver.

Q: Can GAP do a partial investigation instead of a full investigation?

A: Because the paranormal is so unpredictable, we will only perform a full investigation due to the amount of time it takes in finding anything paranormal and debunking anything non paranormal.

Q: Why do Investigations at night?

Most Paranormal investigators prefer conducting an investigation at night because of contamination from unwanted noises and lighting during daytime hours and we take a debunking approach before confirming any activity to be Paranormal.

Q: What if there is a liability issue that arises?

A: Before we start any paranormal investigation, you (the client) and GAP (the investigators) must both sign our liability waiver to protect the client(s) and the investigators involved.

Q:  After the investigation is complete, what’s next?

A: We will ask our client(s) to meet with us with a time that is convenient for both the client and investigators involved to discuss our investigation and what Is a recommended to rid the clients and premises of any paranormal activity.