A presentation on the demonic

Christian demonology is the study of demons from a Christian point of view. It is primarily based on the bible’s old and new testaments, the exegesis of scriptures and early Christian writings. In the old and new testaments and in popular Christian beliefs, refers to the fallen angles of God such as Lucifer who was once one of Gods angles is a fallen angle known as Satan had God given the name change from Lucifer who was good to Satan who is evil.
In Christian demonology an inverted cross (upside down) for many is considered be one of many satanic symbols especially used and worn by those who worship demons or the devil himself in satanic rituals.
The pentagram which is widely used satanic rituals and becomes diabolical symbol when inverted (upside down) and denotes the 5 wounds of Christ with a surrounding circle… Some depictions of the inverted pentagram has the head of a goat with the horns fitting into the upper points of the star, the ears into the side points and the goatee into the bottom of the star point.

Demonic Haunting

Demonic hauntings can be related to documented exorcisms around the world which brings us to discuss the signs of a demonic Haunting. Demonic Hauntings can have an impact on anyone who comes in contact with a Demonic entity and can be very frightening for its host. Demonic hauntings usually start innocent like sounds of knocking, grunting, moving objects, very cold spots and even being touched and gradually intensify with more aggressive gestures such as being physically scratched Or worse, the demonic haunting progresses and can happen anytime, anywhere to anyone unless you have the knowledge to protect and arm yourself against a demonic entity. At times people have conjured up demonic entities whether to do evil things or by accidentally opening up portals to other dimensions or realms to the dark side, Just simply being negative influences can invite a demon Into your life, Demonic influences can also be within an object that might have been used in a satanic ritual, personal items, homes and especially dolls, in fact most demonic cases involve some kind of attachment to an object such as dolls because as discussed before dolls have a distinctive “innocent child” like appearance which for demonic entities are more likely to manipulate in this way as to disguise their true nature. Demons can also be invited into ones life in ways such as Ouija boards, Tarrot cards and seances to name a few along with satanic and sacrificial rituals can summon a demonic entity. A demonic attachment to a person or a place can stay dormant for years, Lying in wait, waiting for the perfect time to latch on to its host with the first stage of the 3 stages of possession… Infestation.

During the first stage… “Demonic infestation”, There is usually a distinct foul odor such as a sulphur or a rotten egg smell, knocking sounds in 3’s (aka) mocking of the trinity, even a ripping sound within your environment can signify a demonic entity manifesting around it’s host and within the residence.
Second stage is the start of an “Oppression” which the demonic influences breaks the persons will down while under demonic influences including being scratched, burn marks, night terrors, being manipulated by demonic influences.

If you are Baptized, This means you have the Holy Spirit within you, You are saved. Therefore you can not be possessed by demonic forces, But you can still have a “Demonic Oppression” and be influenced and manipulated by the demonic.

The 3 stages of Demonic possession

  1. Infestation: demonic entity present when the smell of sulphur is around you, hearing foot steps scratching or tapping noises in three’s (aka) mocking of the trinity, grunting or snarling sounds.
  2. Oppression: the demon attaches it self, starts to break one self down and torment the person to the point of giving up, Demonic entity starts gaining control. If Baptized a “Deliverance” would be necessary to essentially make or force the demon(s) to leave its host and their residence.
  3. Possession: The demonic entity takes possession and has total control over that person. In this stage the only way to save the person and there soul is to have a Exorcism preformed by a qualified Priest or Bishop of a Catholic dioceses.


   Demons by Name & Origin

All demons are named and have an Origin of some kind, Demons come in all shapes and sizes from Imps – Low level demons to higher level demons like the infamous “Beelzebub” responsible for many demonic possession cases. Demons can either fallen angels or can be created from negative environmental changes, Any way you put it, No demons are good and they all have a purpose… To torment the living into submission to Satan and his minions. 
Demons usually have a rank in hell and have a certain amount of legions they command under their rank. In order to complete the task as hand one or more legion of demons are sent from that ranked demon to wreak havoc and put disparities into people’s lives. Demons are also known as low level and high level demons. It can be very important to distinguish one demon from another especially by name or rank as to know what kind of demonic influences or entities are at work as they all seem to have one goal, Wreak havoc on the living in order to gain ones soul. Demons have certain tasks that they have to complete under their rank, But in order to do that, They influence us to do things you would not normally do by infesting our lives by mixing truths with lies eventually with feelings of demonic oppression and if the demonic oppression is ongoing could lead to demonic possession, Where you would be totally submissive to the demonic forces that controls ones life. 

In Christian demonology, an inverted pentagram and an inverted cross aka St. Peter’s cross who felt was not worthy to die like Jesus are widely used in Satanic rituals 


In demonology, an inverted cross like the one depicted here as being a cross of St. Peter and is used widely in Satanic rituals of worship.

An inverted cross known in demonology as a symbol of worship to Satan… Widely used and worn during black mass like rituals


Beleth” also known as “Byleth” is a very powerful demon who is a king of hell that rules eighty-five legions of demons under his command. 
He rides a pale horse and a variety of music is heard before him. 
When summoned Beleth appears in looking fierce in order to frighten the conjurer. The conjurer must be brave and while holding a hazel wand in his hand must draw a triangle by striking towards the south, east and upwards – Then commanding Beleth into it by means of some conjurations.

Gaap” is another powerful demon known to be a prince in human form who incites love and transforms women to make it easier to get a lover, renders them infertile and rules twenty-five legions of spirits.
Gaap is also known to make others invisible, make men stupid and carry men between kingdoms, In addition he also rules sixty-six legions of demons.



Astaroth” is the “Great Duke of Hell” in the first hierarchy with “Beelzebub” & “Lucifer, He is part of the evil trinity. 
Astaroth is a great and strong duke, He comes in the shape of a foul angel sitting upon an eternal dragon and carrying on his right hand a viper and claims to rule forty legions of demons, He is said to give mortal beings the power over serpents.


Asmodeus” is a prince of demons and is considered to be one of the seven princes of hell, Asmodeus represents one of the deadly sins “Lust” and is said to be the king of the nine Hells. 
It is also said that anyone who falls to Asmodeus’s ways will be sentenced to an eternity in the second level of hell.


Bael” is a demon described as a hoarsely voiced king with the power to make men invisible and ruling over sixty six legions of demons. 
Bael comes in the combination form of a cat, toad and man as well as other forms.     


 Bune” is a demon, one of the dukes of hell and is able to move the dead and make one rich. It’s said that Bune has thirty legions of demons under his command and has appeared as a three headed dragon (with one head being human) and give him additional powers of making devils gather around graves, Making one wise and charismatic.                                   


“Beelzebub” is a demon described as placed high in Hell’s hierarchy, He is the chief lieutenant of Lucifer “the Emperor of Hell”. Beelzebub has been held responsible for many cases of demonic possession and may have played an influential roll in “Salem, Massachusetts during the witch trials as his name was brought up a number of times from 1692-1693.
“King Pazuzu” is the Assyro-Babylonian demon. Demon of wind, Brother of Humbaba and son of the god Hanbi. He also represents the southwestern winds, the bearer of storms and drought.

Belial” is a Powerful demon who commands 80 legions of demons, He controls the element of earth & reigns over the earth demons.
Belial is the demon of lies, guilt and is able to induce any type of sins, especially those related to sex & lust.
The Satanic Bible names Belial as one of the four crown princes of the underworld and states that his name means “Without a master”